"Mitmachding" for Lausitz

In Germany, the region of Lausitz is undergoing significant economic restructuring, transitioning from its braunkohle industry to a more diverse and sustainable economy. Amidst this transformation, the “Bürgerregion Lausitz” network, comprising five independent organizations spread across the region, strives to enhance civic participation and support community engagement to improve the quality of life.

To achieve their goals, the network engages diverse populations through accessible programs. Constructlab has developed an innovative tool: a foldable pavilion designed for public spaces and events. This pavilion, which fits into two bags and can be transported and set up by two people, features essential furniture like comfortable seating and interactive displays to showcase the activities of the organizations. Textile walls with a Velcro grid allow for easy customization with bags, posters, and digital content integration, while also providing options for lighting and even a hammock for relaxation. It serves as a welcoming space for public interaction, whether indoors or outdoors.

The design process of the pavilion was highly collaborative, involving all members of the participating organizations through two workshops. The first workshop focused on practical use cases and functionalities, ensuring the pavilion meets the needs of various events. The second workshop was dedicated to developing its graphical identity, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the community.

Crafted from sustainable materials such as wood, aluminum, wool, and fabrics made from recycled fibers, the pavilion embodies the network’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Its modular design allows for flexible configurations, adapting from a high table with a projector to a cozy storytelling café or participatory bench. Equipped with cushions, foldable deck chairs, signs for announcements, and lighting, it accommodates over 80 people while promoting a “less is more” philosophy. This integrated approach ensures the pavilion serves as a versatile and inviting space, facilitating community engagement and exchange in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Team Collective Works / Constructlab
Peter Zuiderwijk, Karin Mientjes
Team Constructlab Porto
Patrik Hubmann, Claudia Ribeiro
Team Constructlab Berlin
Alex Römer, Grit Koalick