The Ouroborium

The Ouroborium, a conversational music-making installation. Developed together with Refunc for Found Sound Nation, New York City (USA).

In a Geodesic dome there are nine stations, chained together in three groups of three. Within each group one person controls the sound source, the second person has the ability to add effects to that sound, and the third is mixing the sound. When these groups come together, the result is nine people co-creating a piece of music through an act of intense musical engagement. The Ouroborium challenges the idea that creation cannot be communal in an age where people are often glued to their individual screens.

The Ouroborium: ouroboros, geodesic & dazzle

The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal. A snake biting its own tail symbolises the transmigration of souls.

A geodesic dome is a very strong, stable structures made out of patterns of reinforcing triangles. It has been applied in the abstract in other industrial design, but even in management science and deliberative structures as a conceptual metaphor (think of “transmigration” methods in which only a fixed numbers of people can take part in the process at each deliberation stage).

Unlike other forms of camouflage, the intention of dazzle is not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target’s range, speed, and heading. Tested in the First World War dazzle involves so many factors that it is impossible to determine which are important or effective.



Commissioned by:
Found Sound Nation
Original concept by:
Found Sound Nation
Design developed in collaboration with:
Refunc Architects
Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY City, USA
Ted 2017, Vancouver, Canada
Moogfest 2017, Durham, NC, USA