Druck am Dreesch

The Mecklenburg State Theater in Schwerin moved to an old printing workshop in Dreesch. The Große Dreesch is a district of Schwerin and the largest GDR plattenbau development in Germany. Before the reunification, the Große Dreesch was described as the most beautifully situated new development area in the GDR. Today it is going through a transitional phase. In order to counteract deterioration larger apartments and a more attractive living environment are developed by means of demolition and conversion.

As part of Constructlab Collective Works was invited to set up a print workshop as an outreach project. For the opening of the Mecklenburg State Theater’s new “M*Halle” the the print workshop was reactivated. The project tried to recommence the narrative of the new location and serve as a conversational tool to get people interested. What is currently happening in the neighbourhood, what is being thought by whom, what is being felt and what are the beliefs and ideas in which the people of the Große Dreesch are conditioned?

Nine triangular wooden advertising pillars were placed in the neighbourhood at strategic corners on which all printed matter could be displayed. As an additional activation field print-shops were set up and explorative bike tours were organised. All ideas were activated during the opening of the “Brot & Salz-Festival“.


Commissioned by:
Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater
Team Constructlab:
Alex Römer
Patrick Hubmann
Jule Mylena Kühr
Peter Zuiderwijk
Team Schwerin:
Nina Gühlstorff
Susann Geltmeier
Sofie Wagner
Anne-Katrin Schulz
Michael Kockot
Marc Steinbach
Bauspielplatz Schwerin e.V.
Hans-Georg Wegner
All local volunteers