FORWARD! Ahmet Öğüt

Interlocutor, campaign & exhibition design for Ahmet Öğüt's solo exhibition FORWARD!

In the Spring of 2015 the Van Abbemuseum hosted Kurdish artist Ahmet Öğüt (Turkey 1981). Forward! was an ambitious exhibition that included a number of large-scale installations. Occupy ten galleries of the museum the work also spilled out beyond its walls. Together with Ahmet we tried to reimagined the representational shape of some of his installations, images, videos and site-specific sculptures. Additionally a multifunctional classroom was developed that could host some of the pedagogical programmes that Ahmet wanted to present. The overarching scenography and supportive exhibition design was developed with one thing in mind: ‘how can one imagine the world otherwise’.


Documentation of the exhibition by the Van Abbemuseum


Commissioned by:
The Van Abbemuseum and curators Annie Fletcher and Nick Aikens
Photography by:
Collective Works, Christian van der Kooy and Peter cox
Spring 2015