Re_use Kuwait

Re_Use was created in Kuwait as a periodic happening to promote eco-friendly living through art. Later it was re-imagined as a multi-arts program to respond to pressing local issues. This final alteration of the program was held as a 3-month art, science and technology exhibition at The Scientific Center Kuwait. It tried to raise awareness for the environment.

Collective Works worked on  the campaign, exhibition design and scenography.

Re_use deliberately claimed the color yellow for this exhibition. Yellow is the face of waste management in Kuwait. Despite the florescent yellow overalls adorned by street sweepers to the yellow waste containers scattered all over the city and its adjacent residential and rural areas, waste management and other environmental pollutants have long been ignored by the average Kuwaiti citizen-pedestrian. The simple question of where everyones waste goes wanes in comparison to the day-to-day family, work, and leisure life

Kuwait has reached a point in its environmental history where they can no longer ignore the growing urgency of the debilitating conditions of Kuwait’s water, air, and land pollution. From non-biodegradable plastics to abandoned tires Kuwait’s coastal marine life and mainland habitat is threatened by the harmful chemicals released by discarded and non-recyclable wastes.

Through a cross-disciplinary, integrative, and inclusive program, and in collaboration with the Scientific Center, re_use will create a space for discussion that will confront factors like pollution, over-consumption and sustainable living in Kuwait. Re_use has reclaimed the street sweeper’s uniform-yellow to bring urgency and awareness to Kuwait’s dire environmental state.