On the Soft Edge of Space

Experimental book designed by Collective Works proposing a four-tiered representation of space for artist / photographer Marleen Sleeuwits.

The overarching idea starts with two-dimensional images of space (deriving from the artists oeuvre), that are then placed in a scale model, to the photos taken inside a model and, finally, to their convergence in this book. The spaces could be anything from a museum to a lobby or a passageway: locations we know as places for contemplation, for waiting or for movement. The condition of the spaces’ bare walls is hard and sober, offering little support: the space you see in front of you and the space outside your field of view, foreground and background, seem to be absorbed in a timeless vacuum.

Surely there is space beyond our sight, in the realm of our imagination, containing much of our desire. How we would love to reach out for tangible attachments to activate the bare, cold or sober life: a supportive foundation not to be found in the spaces this book contains.

Depicted here are immersive spaces, waiting for someone to come and touch base. This way the book, as a space, is a challenging environment. As we leaf through these rooms, we can sharpen our view of the world: when will these spaces come to life and who will lead the way: the room, or the user? Sleeuwits touches upon the question how we might find consideration in such places. On the Soft Edge of Space is a visual experiment and a challenge to your imagination.


Commissioned by:
Marleen Sleeuwits
Published by:
Contributing writers:
Edo Dijksterhuis
Basje Boer
Freek Lomme
Color correction and lithography:
Marc Gijzen
Printed by:
Drukkerij Roelofs BV, Enschede