The Grey Space in the Middle

Radical Relationism

The Grey Space in the Middle is located in the heart of The Hague (right below the Collective Works studio). This space is a hub where creativity sparks transformative connections. It brings together art, music, digital culture, food, science, and ideas in a lively and dynamic environment.

The Grey Space’s main value is radical relationism. They organize meetings between artists, thinkers, and creators from various fields, providing a place for bold and innovative ideas. This mix of ideas and people encourages discussion, innovation, and surprising connections.

A Perpetual Support Structure

Collective Works created a support structure for this evolving experiment. Since the space is always changing, the infrastructure adapts with it. There’s a convertible table system, a hybrid seating system made from infiltration crates, a mobile broadcasting station  and a versatile hanging system.

An exhibition might spark a conversation that leads to boundary-pushing performances. By day, it’s a gallery; by night, a vibrant club.