Techtextil / Urban Living

Exhibition design and scenography for Techtextil 2019 (Frankfurt Messe, DE) in collaboration with Refunc (architecture) and Stijlinstituut A’dam (curation). This international exhibition presented a spectrum of technical textiles.

For Techtextil / Urban Living an disruptive architectonic landscape consisting of thousands of interwoven conference chairs was developed. The simple chair is a symbol of an ubiquitous object in the halls of a global tradeshow and conference organiser like Messe Frankfurt. But by transforming it into an element in a wide-spanning pattern, a cluster of chairs becomes something totally different: a grid, a stage, a beautiful metaphor of an urban skyline itself – and an intriguing arena for the presented exhibits.

Re-connecting people and materials with Refunc

The landscape was made out of local, discarded or rented materials (chairs, scaffolding, plastic pallets and crates) and had the intention to produce no waste. The principle of circular thinking was used; building by shifting functionality of existing objects and reconnecting components to achieve an endless lifespan.

Rethinking textile with Stijlinstituut Amsterdam

Techtextil demonstrated how innovations in textiles are already improving human coexistence in an urban setting. The exhibition presented optimistic narratives and examples of innovations. The exhibition was flanked by a material gallery displaying thematically linked best-practice solutions and a presentation area for a student competition.


Commissioned by:
Techtextil Messe Frankfurt
Refunc Architects
Stijlinstituut Amsterdam