2nd Constructlab Kiosk = Kiosk of Solidarity

The Kiosk of Solidarity was an urban practice initiative that engaged in Berlin’s dynamic social landscape. From June to September 2023, 11 Berlin-based initiatives and projects that embody the spirit of solidarity utilized the Kiosk (designed and build by Constructlab) at various locations across the city for brief periods. Through a diverse array of formats, they fostered connections among neighbors, fellow activists, and the wider community, temporarily bringing their solidarity practices into the public urban sphere.

Constructlab’s  first kiosk served as a conceptual exploration of potential usage scenarios, while this second kiosk decisively shifted the focus from mere form to the transformative power of activation. The realization of this second kiosk brought into sharp focus the gap between envisioning the potential of a mobile structure and its actualization through meaningful user engagement. Through their dedication and passion, the Transforming Solidarities team breathed life into this kiosk, transforming it into a hub of activity and engagement.

The Kiosk of Solidarity won the jury price at Der Spiegel Social Design Award 2023 (link to an overview of all nominees) and is currently on display at the Deutsche Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin.


Kiosk of Solidarity x Kickoff (at Constructlab's homebase) @ Rathausblock Kreuzberg, Berlin, 01 June 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Geko (Community Health Care Center Neukölln) @ Sonnenallee/ Hobrechtstraße (at the old Esso gas station), Berlin, 21-23 June 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Kumi*13 (House Association) Kiosk of Solidarity x TU Berlin (Habitat Unit / Institute of Architecture / Center for Interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies) @ Kurmärkische Straße 13, Berlin, 24 June 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Geko (Community Health Care Center Neukölln) @ Falkstraße / Briesestrasse, Berlin, 26-28 June 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X TransVer (Psychosocial resource network for intercultural health care) @ Leopoldplatz, Berlin, 05 July 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X HAB (Neighbourhood Initiative) @ Habersaathstraße, Berlin, 15-20 July 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Klasse Klima (Student led art and design education in climate crisis) @ Universität der Künste, Courtyard, Hardenbergstraße, Berlin, 21-23 July 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Rutwohnen (Women's Lesbian Cultural and Housing Project) @ Berolinastraße (near Alexanderplatz), Berlin, 25-29 July 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Berlin Arrival Support (Volunteer collective at Berlin Hbf helping humans) @ Washingtonplatz (Hauptbahnhof), Berlin, 19-23 August 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen (Berlin based activists) @ Molkenmarkt, Berlin, 25-27 August 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity X Guerilla Architects (Multi-disciplinary artist collective) @ Mehringplatz, Berlin, 31 August 2023
Kiosk of Solidarity at the exhibition "Spaces of Solidarities" @ Deutsche Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin, 6 Okt 2023- 21 Jan 2024



The Kiosk of Solidarity is a cooperation of Transforming Solidarities and ConstructLab.

  • Curation The program of the Kiosk of Solidarity is developed by Berlin initiatives and curated by Moritz Ahlert (Transforming Solidarities/Habitat Unit – TU Berlin).
  • Architecture ConstructLab: Andries de Lange, Alex Römer, Jan Stricker, Ana Helena Takano, Felix Zahner, Peter Zuiderwijk
  • Graphic Design Bureau Est (Leipzig/Paris): Ondine Pannet, Sebastian A. Schmitt
  • Illustration: Arthur Bonifay (Paris)
  • Photo documentation Monika Keiler
  • Transforming Solidarities – Interdisciplinary team of researchers from HU, FU, TU, Charité Berlin: Moritz Ahlert, Moritz Altenried, Konstantin Atanassow, Asita Behzadi, Mathias Berek, Manuela Bojadzijev, Robin Celikates, Anujah Fernando, Stefan Gosepath, Sabine Hark, Judith Holz, Rahel Jaeggi, Bernd Kasparek, Ulrike Kluge, Hanna Meißner, Philipp Misselwitz, Christian Schmidt, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Anna Steigemann, Ronja Wagner, Antonia Welch Guerra, Veronika Zablotsky

This project is in collaboration with Transforming Solidarities as part of the Berlin University Alliance and the Deutsche Architecture Zentrum DAZ .

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Team Constructlab
Jan Stricker
Andries De Lange
Ana Helena Takano
Felix Zahner
Peter Zuiderwijk
Alexander Römer