A space for assembly, collective creation, sharing, and decision-making by Constructlab. As part of the Who owns the Economy Festival in Den Bosch Constructlab ran a special workshop at the Werkwarenhuis in September and October of 2023. The workshop focused on three aspects: WOOD, FOOD, and INK. The underlying concept of the market proposed questions about collaborative economies and cooperative intelligence. The Market revolved around three axes: a stool making assembly line, a printing workshop and a kitchen.

The installation was not solely about production; its true essence lied in the models that underpinned its activation. It explored who gets to participate in the process, how things are made and what resources, thoughts or ingredients are used. The team that ran the market consisted of various actors, each with their own preconditions and considerations, such as age, skills, talent, cultural background or country. Understanding and accommodating these diverse factors became crucial in realising the project’s feasibility and viability. The installation further examined the implications of agents changing roles. As individuals assume different positions and responsibilities, new dynamics and opportunities emerged. By fostering an atmosphere of cooperative intelligence, the project tried to encouraged behaviour that could promote shared learning, adaptability, and collective problem-solving.

The WOOD FOOD INK Market encouraged a deeper exploration of the underlying motivations and reasons behind Constructlab projects that often go beyond monetary gains. The installation delved into the intrinsic motivations and values that drive individuals and communities. By engaging participants in dialogue and exploring alternative models, the installation served as a catalyst for action and reflection. As visitors became active participants they share their perspectives and helped to decide. In this manner the WOOD FOOD INK market became a space where diverse voices united to reimagine our notion of collaboration.

Local resources: timber and ingredients
Reflections on the Market
The stool and the network